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Tips for Your Maricopa, Arizona, Rental Home

  1. Do comparative market research on other properties for rent in your subdivision. In order to properly price your rental, it’s necessary to know what similar homes have leased for, and to determine how long that they were on the market. For the most accurate research, you will need to speak with a realtor.
  2. Only rent out your home after you have placed it in good shape. A home leased out in shoddy condition will attract careless tenants, while keeping meticulous renters away.
  3. Never strike an agreement with the tenant where they perform work on the house in return for a rental discount. Besides routine maintenance, all work that is done on the home should be performed by a licensed contractor. This will reduce the likelihood of liability for the home’s owner.
  4. Possess an understanding of The Arizona Landlord Tenant Act. There are many laws that you will need to be aware of, in order to ensure that you deal fairly and legally with your renters. For Further Information, Please review:

Property Management for Maricopa, Arizona

There is a lot to consider when placing your home up for rent, but if you’re considering Property Management in Maricopa, contact Desert Wide Properties